Once the GP has made the diagnosis using the outlined diagnostic criteria and blood tests have been done to rule out any local inflammation, then they would often be able to refer for physiotherapy and provide them with self management resources.


If that hasn’t been helpful, they can choose to refer to the Local Integrated Pain and Spinal Service (IPASS) whose staff work at the West Berkshire Community Hospital (WBCH). If patients meet their eligibility criteria then they can often be seen quickly and various programs can be offered locally in and around the hospital.

If the case is sufficiently complex right from the outset then referral is often triaged directly to the complex pain clinic at Royal Berkshire Hospital. Only one clinic is right now offered monthly at WBCH which can then be increased if the demand is higher.

All treatments are often performed or offered at Reading at this time. 



At present CFS care is only provided by a clinic that is run by the specialist CFS service based in Reading near the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

When to refer to a complex secondary care RBH pain clinic:

  • If pain is uncontrolled despite medication.

  • If opioid therapy is being considered.

  • If a discreet diagnosis is suspected which may be amenable to interventions/injections.

  • When psychological distress is high and the patient may need complex pain management programmes.


What is offered to patients with FMS at the pain clinic :

  • Information, explanation and the provision of resources.

  • Injections therapy if appropriate.

  • Advice on strong opioid therapy – screening, prescription advice and follow up.

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness based approaches by psychology and physiotherapy. All of the above are at present only offered in Reading